Service package counter pressure cylinder

Ultimate chill-cast quality

The original chill-cast counter pressure cylinder from Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint – for a profitable coating process and top quality. The chill-cast counter pressure cylinder plays a decisive role for the smooth functioning of a coating machine and for production quality. In combination with our original scraper blades, it ensures that the backs of the coated sheets remain absolutely clean.

The original chill-cast counter pressure cylinder from Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint is manufactured in Germany, using a special material alloy for exceptional hardness.

The surface is furthermore characterised by its extremely low average roughness, which serves to guarantee reliable and trouble-free production. Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint now offers you the possibility to replace your old chill-cast counter pressure cylinder with a new, peak-condition cylinder – quickly, simply and at favourable cost.

Counter pressure cylinder service package
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