Grinding machine for scraper blades

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In combination with the original hard cast counter pressure cylinders, the scraper blades within our coating machines ensure that the backs of the coated sheets remain absolutely clean. Just like any other tool, also our scraper blades lose their sharpness with ongoing usage. Blunt scraper blades however lead to residual coating on the hard cast cylinder. In extreme cases residues of coatings cannot be removed completely by the blades. The consequence: unwanted contamination of the backside of the sheets. For that reason it is essential to regrind the scraper blades regularly.

With the special grinding machine by Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint you can regrind scraper blades in different lengths fast, easy, economical and reproducible.

It is truly a professional equipment which allows parallel grinding of scraper blades at its best. The water-cooled grinding process together with fast and precise movements of the grinding head ensures highest processing speed and surface quality.

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