Look forward to optimum print results when using UV inks and washing solvents. The MetalPremium UV from KBA-MetalPrint was developed specifically for metal decorating and meets the highest demands placed on a UV printing blanket. Your benefits: Top quality in the printing of solids and half-tones, an outstanding quick-release effect and a long service life.

  • Micro-ground surface guarantees excellent print results
  • Innovative pore system in the intermediate layer for unrivalled durability
  • Exceptional resistance to swelling
  • Improved ink transfer thanks to a special face compound
  • Extended washing intervals

This blanket has been in successful use on our presses for many years.It stands out by way of its durability and long service life, the high quality of the print products, and a broad spectrum of applications.

MetalPremium UV blankets are already fitted on all new MetalStar 3 and Mailänder 280 presses with UV drying and can also be delievered for MetalStar 2 and MetalStar 1.

Due to the special film carrier this blanket possesses  an extremely high dimensional stability. This ensures a stable production without stretching or sinking and
without manual re-adjustment of tension even after many thousand prints.
Furthermore, MetalPremium Neo can be easily stripped to match the actual print format. This reliably prevents the so called „picture framing“ effect as well as ink buildup on the impression cylinder.
In this way the effort for cleaning the impression cylinders can be significantly reduced.

  • The top layer of the blanket can be stripped to avoid picture framing
  • ƒƒ Fast and easy blanket change
  • ƒƒ Extended cleaning intervals of the impression cylinder
  • ƒƒ Omission of packing sheets saves time and money
  • ƒƒ High dimensional stability for repeatable print quality
  • ƒƒ Reduced consumption of blankets
Printing blanket MetalPremium Neo
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