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  • Somedia Partner AG focuses on print
  • Leading provider in the highest performance class
  • Commander replaces competitor's machine
  • European newspaper publishers choose Koenig & Bauer
  • Swiss media house Somedia Partner AG is investing in a highly automated newspaper press from Koenig & Bauer. A Commander CL will be installed as replacement for a competitor’s press at the print centre in Haag in St. Gallen Rhine Valley and is scheduled to come on stream in summer next year.

    The new press will then be used to print more than 120,000 daily and weekly newspapers every day. Urs Zieri, managing director of Somedia Partner AG: “We wanted to, and indeed needed to, invest in a new press. The discussions with Koenig & Bauer were straightforward and focussed on partnership from the very beginning. The overall package simply felt right. We are convinced that it was the right decision to go with Koenig & Bauer.”

    Shortly after signing the contracts (back row, left to right): Stefan Segger, sales director, Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed; Urs Zieri, managing director, Somedia Partner AG; Bruno Rothmund, press manager, Somedia Partner AG; Peter Rickenmann, managing director, Koenig & Bauer (CH) AG; (front row): Günter Noll, sales manager, Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed, and Paul Frei, supervisory board president, Somedia Partner AG (1) *picture taken before corona pandemic

    The Commander CL comprises three four-high towers, a KF 5 jaw folder, a section stitcher and three Pastomat reelstands with a stripping station and Patras A paper-reel transport system.

    Over the past years, European newspaper printers have frequently opted for presses from the highest performance class made by Koenig & Bauer. “Given the situation presented by general market developments, we are delighted to see that companies like Somedia Partner believe in print and are making investments. We are also very satisfied with the level of orders we have received for newspaper presses. Further projects are in the pipeline and decisions are expected soon. Above all, the products currently in high demand when making new investments are flexible, practice-oriented and automated presses, and we have an outstanding image in this respect with our trio represented by the Commander CL, Commander CT and Cortina,” says Stefan Segger, sales director at Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed.

    The new Commander CL will be starting production at Somedia Partner AG in Haag in the second quarter of 2021 (2)

    Three partners and a modern print centre

    Somedia Partner AG comprises three independent publishing companies: Somedia AG, Sarganserländer Druck AG and Vaduzer Medienhaus AG. Together, they produce eight regional daily titles, including the Südostschweiz, the Sarganserländer and the Liechtensteiner Vaterland. At the weekend, the almost 50 employees at the Somedia Partner print centre in Haag also produce two weeklies, the Liewo and the Schweiz am Wochenende.

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    news-1684 Thu, 07 May 2020 07:22:00 +0200 Koenig & Bauer publishes its Q1 report 2020 http://metalprint.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-veroeffentlicht-q1-bericht-2020/
  • Solid order intake of €271.5m
  • Pandemic-related revenue decline by 25.3% to €172.4m
  • EBIT of –€34.9m hit by low revenue, cost savings from short-time work effective from Q2
  • Order backlog of €632.8m at an average level
  • Equity ratio of 32.3%
  • Corona crisis management currently has the highest priority to master today’s challenges and to be prepared for the period after the coronavirus pandemic
  • Whereas Koenig & Bauer was able to achieve a sound group order intake of €271.5m in the first quarter of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic, which has been spreading rapidly since January, has already had a considerable impact on revenue and earnings. With group revenue 25.3% lower than in the prior year at €172.4m, EBIT was –€34.9m. Restrictions especially in travelling initially imposed in China and then gradually in many parts of the world are having a significant impact on order and project processing for the delivery, assembly and installation of the machines at our international customers. The effects are also being felt in the services area. At –€36.6m, group net earnings in the first quarter of 2020 translate into earnings per share of –€2.22.

    Despite the significant drop in trade receivables and increased customer prepayments, substantially higher inventories as a result of pandemic-related delivery delays had a major impact on cash flows from operating activities of –€15m (2019: –€30.6m). Free cash flow improved from –€51.2m in the previous year to –€31.3m. The equity ratio stood at 32.3% at the end of March 2020.

    President and CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “The economic consequences of the corona crisis pose major challenges for our group. Our broad product portfolio with a significant share of revenue in system relevant packaging printing, the robust, increasingly digital service business and our sound balance sheet with a high equity ratio limit the risk potential. With the corona crisis management established in March, we are working to actively counter this extraordinary situation. The health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is our top priority. Our action plan focuses on reliable customer support, cost and investment discipline and securing liquidity. Short-time working has been in place at different locations since 1 April 2020 due to capacity utilisation.”

    Remote maintenance and modern communication channels are becoming increasingly important in the current environment (1)

    Segment performance

    In the Sheetfed segment, primarily increased orders in large format as well as pleasing sales of folder gluer systems contributed to the solid order intake of €160.1m (2019: €174.2m). For reasons related to delivery and the pandemic, revenue of €68.2m was well below the prior-year figure of €113.7m. With a book-to-bill ratio of 2.35, order backlog increased from €250.5m to €275.3m. EBIT of –€18.6m was below the prior-year figure (–€3m) as a result of the substantial drop in revenue.

    Despite declining service business with web offset presses, order intake at Digital & Web of €43.6m was significantly higher than the prior-year figure of €31.9m. In addition to increased orders in flexible packaging printing, follow-up orders received in corrugated board and digital decor printing were the main reason for this growth. Mainly as a result of corona-related restrictions at the Italian subsidiary Flexotecnica, revenue of €28.1m was lower than in the previous year (€32.4m). Order backlog decreased from €85.4m to €81.6m. The low revenue level had a significant impact on the EBIT of –€5.5m (2019: –€5.4m).

    Lower orders in security, coding and glass direct printing contributed to the decline in order intake in the Special segment from €80.4m to €73.5m. New business in metal decorating was stable compared with the prior-year quarter. Revenue decreased to €81.4m (2019: €93.6m). Order backlog at the end of March was €279.6m compared with €332.3m at the same time last year. After a segment profit of €2.1m in the prior year, EBIT of –€7.6m was reported in the first quarter of 2020.

    At the Koenig & Bauer Duran subsidiary, order intake for folder gluers developed particularly well (2)

    Guidance for 2020

    CFO Dr Stephen Kimmich: “Given the uncertainty regarding future developments and the serious concern about a deep global recession, many of our customers are reluctant to make new investments, even though packaging printers for food, beverages and pharmaceuticals as well as for online retailing are currently operating at particularly high capacity utilisation. Considering the high volatility and the tremendous uncertainty about the severity and duration of the coronavirus pandemic as well as the success of health and economic policies, the impact on revenue and earnings in the 2020 financial year cannot yet be quantified. Because of the drastic effects that are already apparent, our planning for 2020 is no longer achievable. Accordingly, corona crisis management currently has the highest priority so that we can master the challenges that lie ahead and be prepared for the period after the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the Performance 2024 efficiency programme, the strategic focus on packaging printing and digital services is to be stepped up again afterwards.”

    Figures at a glance

    The financial statements can be downloaded as a PDF file from here.

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    news-1669 Mon, 20 Apr 2020 14:03:23 +0200 Trioplast Nyborg invests in Evo XG 8 LR from Koenig & Bauer http://metalprint.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/trioplast-nyborg-invests-in-evo-xg-8-lr-from-koenig-bauer/
  • Evo XG8 LR - Eight-colour flexo- stack-type machine for printing polyethylene  films for industrial packaging
  • Tailor-made, complex plant for a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions
  • Option for further Evo XG 10 LR
  • Celebrating the successful completion of the Evo XG 8 LR project (l-r): Massimo Forletto, Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica; Andrea Dallavalle, Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica; Oskar Karlsson, Trioplast; Joachim Barthelme, Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica; Richard Warnick, Koenig & Bauer UK; Håkan Rundén, Koenig & Bauer DK and Dario Simic, Trioplast; Niels Petersen, Trioplast (missing on the photo)

    Trioplast Nyborg is investing in an Evo XG 8 LR from Koenig & Bauer for printing polyethylene films for industrial packaging. The tailor-made flexo printing machine with a maximum repeat length of up to 1400mm and print width of max. 1650mm prints in high quality on wide web. It is designed for large print jobs for industrial packaging applications and scheduled to start production Q2 2021.

    Håkan Rundén, Sales & Service Director of Koenig & Bauer DK states: "This was a great team effort. The colleagues from Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica supported us perfectly in the consulting process and implemented all special customer requirements".

    Luigi Magliocchi, CEO of Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica adds "After the unrivalled printing results achieved in Italy on the Evo XG printing machine, we are pleased that Trioplast continues to rely on Koenig & Bauer as a reliable partner and wants to realize future growth with us".

    "This stack type flexo press replaces three of our old presses," adds Trioplast's Chief Procurement Officer Oskar Karlsson proudly.

    A further, even larger press, an Evo XG 10 LR, is to be ordered in 2021. The Evo XG series consists of highly automated CI flexographic printing machines for the efficient processing of a wide range of films, papers and cardboards at production speeds of up to 600 m/min.

    Trioplast Nyborg is part of the Trioplast Group. Trioplast is an industrial group with just over 1,200 employees and a turnover of 540 million EUR. The group is one of the leading European players in innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient packaging solutions based on polyethylene film. It operates production facilities in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and France and sells its products on a global market. The main owner of Trioplast is Altor Funds

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    news-1656 Fri, 03 Apr 2020 13:11:38 +0200 Koenig & Bauer is operational despite exceptional situation http://metalprint.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-hat-umfangreiche-massnahmen-ergriffen-um-die-sicherheit-und-gesundheit-unserer-mitarbeiter-kunden-und-lieferanten-in-dieser-aussergewoehnlichen-situation-zu-gewaehrleisten/ Koenig & Bauer has adopted extensive measures to guarantee the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers in the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves.

    Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica has already been classified as system-relevant in Italy and is therefore permitted to remain fully operational, and we are now especially pleased to note that the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has explicitly listed “Enterprises producing packaging and packaging materials for products” as critical – and thus system-relevant – suppliers to the food industry throughout Europe. The value of packaging is thus acknowledged. Board packaging, folding cartons, plastic films, bottles, cans and the necessary labelling ensure that food and pharmaceutical products reach the end user efficiently and in hygienic condition. Koenig & Bauer takes this responsibility very seriously and is fully aware that no interruption of these supply chains can be allowed. Our production, which is located exclusively in Europe, is running! Our service staff are ready to provide assistance where needed, our spare parts warehouses in Europe, Asia and the USA are operating, and parts are being dispatched to customers all over the world every day. My great thanks go out to all employees, who are handling this unusual situation professionally and with their customary enthusiasm. That is what characterises Koenig & Bauer. And has done for more than 200 years. I wish our customers and suppliers the confidence that we will weather this phase together – with us, you are in good hands! - Claus Bolza-Schünemann, Koenig & Bauer CEO

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    news-1654 Thu, 02 Apr 2020 14:46:39 +0200 Cash is safe to use during the pandemic http://metalprint.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/bargeld-ist-auch-in-zeiten-der-pandemie-sicheres-zahlungsmittel/
    KBA-NotaSys CEO Eric Boissonnas

    In relation to the actual COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide media has raised the question of potential virus transmission through different surfaces, including currency. KBA-NotaSys’ CEO Eric Boissonnas comments about handling banknotes, “The same hygienic measures should be adopted as in the case of any other everyday item”.

    “Recently we have seen unfounded messages – in the press, on social media and even in shops –  that evoke a potential risk of COVID-19 transmission using cash”, explains  Eric Boissonnas, CEO of KBA-NotaSys. Worldwide health experts recommend the same hand hygiene measures for handling banknotes and coins as for any other everyday item, such as door handles, shopping trolleys or payment terminals. What is paramount is to follow hygiene instructions, regardless the items one touches.

    ® Syda Productions/shutterstock.com,

    Cash is therefore safe to use in times of pandemics and is the only free public payment method, available to all. Recent campaigns against cash are exploiting the COVID-19 situation to promote other payment methods.

    The European Central Bank carries out regular studies whether the production or circulation of european banknotes may have an impact on public health. They have stated that there is no evidence of coronavirus transmission via banknotes.

    As the leader in high security printing solutions and a board member of the International Currency Association, KBA-NotaSys has joined the movement to counter the spread of misleading information.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is neither advising nor discouraging the public to avoid cash payments, but encourages frequent hand washing and adhering to basic hygiene. Fadela Chaib, WHO spokesperson, was quoted by MarketWatch pointing out that “we did NOT say that cash was transmitting coronavirus. […] We were misrepresented. […] Asked if we thought banknotes could transmit COVID-19 and we said you should wash your hands after handling money, especially if handling or eating food.”

    ® Maridav/shutterstock.com

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    news-1651 Fri, 27 Mar 2020 07:25:00 +0100 Koenig & Bauer classified as system-relevant in Italy http://metalprint.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-als-systemrelevant-in-italien-eingestuft/
  • As a manufacturer supplying machinery to the food and pharmaceutical industries, Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica is permitted to continue working despite the current lockdown in Italy
  • Customer service is guaranteed
  • Use of modern remote maintenance solutions to respond to service calls
  • Spare parts are available
  • The Italian government has classified Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica as a system-relevant manufacturer. This means that the company is permitted to continue working at its facility in Tavazzano near Milan, despite the nationwide lockdown which currently applies. The reason for this decision: Packaging for food and pharmaceutical products is deemed an essential factor in the efforts to maintain reliable supplies to the population.

    “We take our responsibility as a partner to the food and pharmaceutical packaging industry very seriously. And we have implemented all necessary precautions to safeguard the production capabilities of this enormously important industry,” says Claus Bolza-Schünemann, president and CEO at Koenig & Bauer.

    Luigi Magliocchi, new CEO at Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica since February, adds: “Our top priority is to protect the health and safety of everyone involved. We are observing all precautionary measures with utmost strictness, to ensure that no-one is exposed to unnecessary risks.”

    The spare parts warehouse is operating, and spare parts can be dispatched from stock in the normal manner. Due to the current general restrictions, however, delivery times may be longer than usual in some cases.

    In this situation, modern remote maintenance techniques have acquired particular significance. PressSupport 24 – a service hotline which is accessible 24 hours a day – is available to receive calls from customers. Thanks to the augmented reality capabilities of the AR-DataGlass technology, the service specialist at Koenig & Bauer can follow exactly what a local technician can see, and that in real time. In this way, troubleshooting is greatly simplified and the important productive time of the printing press is increased accordingly. “Through the use of remote maintenance technology, we are able to provide a fast and simple solution to over 80 per cent of the service calls we receive – without any delays for a technician to visit the site in person,” Bolza-Schünemann explains.

    The now global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic poses particular challenges when it comes to safeguarding supplies to the population. Safe packaging – not least for the food and pharmaceutical industries – plays a key role.

    Machines from Koenig & Bauer are able to print on practically every substrate. Whether folding cartons for foods and medical products, corrugated boxes, flexible packaging made from plastic films and paper, beverage cartons, cans for tinned food, or glass and plastic containers for pharmaceuticals: All these products help to ensure that food reaches the consumer in safe condition, that it remains fresh for as long as possible, and that medical supplies can be distributed reliably.   

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    news-1649 Thu, 26 Mar 2020 08:23:00 +0100 Koenig & Bauer and Actega to continue cooperation in the future http://metalprint.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-und-actega-kooperieren-auch-kuenftig/
  • Cooperation extended for a further five years
  • Optimised and tested products for high-quality inline finishing
  • Joint development project
  • IML label production in cooperation with ACTEGA at the Koenig & Bauer customer centre (1)

    Koenig & Bauer and ACTEGA have been working together in the field of press consumables since November 2016. During this time, new Rapida presses accompanied by ACTEGA starter kits with coating products for inline finishing have been delivered to customers in 58 countries around the world. The users benefit from products which have been tailored to achieve the highest possible quality and performance on Rapida sheetfed offset presses. These products are used, tested and optimised on a regular basis at the Koenig & Bauer demo centre.

    The two companies have now agreed to extend their successful cooperation for a further five years. This means that ACTEGA will remain a reliable development partner for Koenig & Bauer in the future – for example in work to optimise finishing processes in connection with LED-UV production. Coatings and further consumables from ACTEGA are in constant use in the press demo centre and are presented there within the framework of customer events. The cooperation also includes presentations at trade fairs, for example at the next drupa.

    The annual ACTEGA calendar showcases the diversity of high-quality finishing which can today be realised in an inline process. Production of the calendar is always an outcome of close exchanges between ACTEGA and Koenig & Bauer (2)

    High-quality finishing in an inline process

    For ten years already, the two manufacturers have been demonstrating the diversity of high-quality finishing techniques which can be realised in a modern inline process through the production of ACTEGA’s annual calendar. The interesting visual, haptic and olfactory effects are created using Rapida sheetfed offset technology with corresponding coating facilities. Continuation of the annual calendar production is another objective of the further cooperation.

    Andreas Gipp, senior vice president for the business line Paper & Board at ACTEGA, views the innovation strength of the two companies as an important prerequisite for the development of attractive finishing options for their joint customers (4)

    Andreas Gipp, senior vice president for the business line Paper & Board at ACTEGA, explains: “Together with Koenig & Bauer, we are defining benchmarks for the finishing of printed products. The purpose of our cooperation is to guarantee the availability of high-quality coating systems for use on high-performance sheetfed offset presses from Koenig & Bauer. Consequently, we will continue to apply the innovation strengths of both companies in the future, in order to develop attractive products for our joint customers.”

    Dirk Winkler, head of print technology at Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed, adds: “Our cooperation with ACTEGA is driving the development of finishing technologies and benefits our users directly. Coatings, presses and processes are matched precisely to each other, as the key to reproducible quality results.”

    Dirk Winkler, head of print technology at Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed, describes the cooperation as a source of benefits for both the user experience and further developments in finishing technologies (3)

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    news-1643 Thu, 19 Mar 2020 07:25:00 +0100 Koenig & Bauer publishes its annual report for 2019: On Future Track http://metalprint.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-veroeffentlicht-geschaeftsbericht-2019-auf-zukunftskurs/
  • Managing the possible consequences of the corona crisis is currently a top priority, professional project organisation already established
  • Good order intake in Q4 2019, although not all expected orders were placed in security printing and metal decorating
  • Follow-up orders of strategic importance in digital decor and corrugated printing received after the close of the financial year 2019
  • Group revenue in 2019 at the previous year’s level
  • EBIT margin of 4.6% below target due to some special items
  • Significant cash flow improvement in Q4
  • Equity ratio of 34.3%
  • Suspension of the dividend payment for 2019 in view of the significantly increased uncertainties caused by the corona crisis
  • Impacts of the corona crisis on group performance in 2020 are currently completely open
  • With its strategic focus on the growth market of packaging, Koenig & Bauer is on track to reduce the dependency on politically volatile und lumpy security printing business by increasing revenue and earnings in this area. Through the acquisition of Iberica and Duran, the joint venture with Durst as well as various partnerships in the software field, the portfolio for packaging printing markets was expanded further. Following a testing phase of the CorruCUT sheetfed flexo press for analogue direct printing on corrugated board, the prestigious pilot customer and development partner Klingele accepted the newly developed machine after a demanding factory acceptance test. The machine is now producing in two shifts at the Klingele plant in Delmenhorst near Bremen, Germany. With the CorruFLEX order from Thimm Packaging Systems, Koenig & Bauer received a strategically important follow-up order in corrugated board printing. Interprint ordered the third RotaJET for digital decor printing. After the sixth press sale for digital decor printing and the key order from Tetra Pak for digital full-colour beverage carton printing, the RotaJET digital printing platform is particularly successful in the market. The service initiative launched in 2016 is also bearing fruit. The service revenue share in the Koenig & Bauer group increased significantly from 25.9% in the previous year to 28.2%.

    The service revenue share increased in the group to 28.2% in 2019 (1)

    CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “The end markets we address are fundamentally intact with packaging printing showing good structural growth. However, growth requires normal business years. Due to the increasing economic uncertainty, we decided to invest significantly in reducing manufacturing costs and to join forces more strongly within the group. With these measures, we aim to position ourselves to a greater extent independent of the economy and more competitively for the future.”

    Dr Andreas Pleßke, the Management Board member responsible for the Performance 2024 programme explains further details: “With the Performance 2024 programme, we are currently targeting reducing costs by over €70m by 2024 with one-off costs of €30m to €40m. We expect the package of measures to be expanded further. The focus of the various projects aimed at optimising group-wide structures and processes is on considerably reducing manufacturing costs to achieve a significant improvement in the earnings situation in the new machine business. This includes design-to-cost projects, purchasing optimisations and some further measures. Bundling tasks as shared services as well as the reduction of holding costs and SG&A expenses are also on the agenda.”

    CFO Dr Mathias Dähn adds: “In addition to the cost-cutting projects, the efficiency programme aims to reduce lead times in assembly and accelerate customer acceptance. In addition to shorter delivery times, this will lead to a drop in working capital and a cash flow improvement. Moreover, we work with further activities and a sophisticated controlling of all measures with permanent monitoring on the significant reduction in working capital. We see considerable potential for improvement, particularly in security printing in terms of inventories and receivables through optimised sales management and stepping up export financing. The comprehensive package of measures also aims at a more even distribution of revenue over the year in the Sheetfed segment.”

    Business performance in 2019 in the Koenig & Bauer group

    Not all expected orders in security printing and metal decorating were awarded in 2019, therefore order intake and order backlog of €1,141.3m and €533.7m respectively were below the figures for the prior year (€1,222m and €610.9m respectively) favoured by the major Egyptian order. With €1,218.5m, group revenue reached the level of the prior year (2018: €1,226m). Earning were burdened by high investments in the growth offensive 2023. While a lack of profit contributions due to delayed or shifted contract closings and higher costs in order processing further reduced earnings, one-time income had a positive effect. On balance, a margin of 4.6% was achieved with EBIT of €56m (2018: €87.4m and 7.1% respectively). At €38.4m, group net profit (previous year: €64m) translates into earnings per share of €2.31 in 2019 (2018: €3.86). In view of the significantly increased uncertainties caused by the corona crisis, the Management Board and Supervisory Board will propose to the annual general meeting to suspend the dividend payment for the financial year 2019 and to carry forward the retained profit generated by the holding company Koenig & Bauer AG to new account. The fundamental policy of distributing 15% to 35% of group net profit remains unaffected.

    Through its own developments, acquisitions and cooperation agreements, Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed has established itself as a one-stop-shop partner in the growth market for folding carton (2)

    Business performance in 2019 in the segments

    In addition to the strong service business, more orders for large- and medium-format presses led to growth in order intake in the Sheetfed segment of 8.9% to €625.3m (2018: €574.3m). Compared to 2018 (€615.9m), revenue increased by 2.6% to €631.8m. The slightly lower order backlog of €183.4m compared to the previous year (€189.9m) remained at a good level. Due to the product and regional mix and higher order processing costs, EBIT of €19.4m was below the figure from the prior year (€35.4m).

    In Digital & Web, order intake of €144.9m was 18% below the prior-year’s figure of €176.6m. In addition to the shrinking web offset service business, lower orders in flexible packaging printing were the main reason for this decline. Revenue increased by 7.4% from €153.3m to €164.6m. On balance, the order backlog decreased from €85.8m to €66.1m at the end of 2019. The EBIT of –€16.5m (previous year: –€10.2m) was burdened by high market-entry and growth-related expenses as well as the negative result in flexible packaging printing.

    In the Special segment, order intake of €406.7m was below the prior-year’s figure of €505.1m, which was impacted by a major order in security printing. After €491.5m in the previous year, revenue of €463.9m was achieved. Order backlog at the end of 2019 was €287.3m (31 December 2018: €344.5m). As a result of the lower revenue, product mix and unexpected project expenses for the major security printing order, EBIT amounted to €43.9m after €48.2m in the previous year despite one-time income.

    Above-average balance sheet ratios

    In addition to the high investment expenditures and the dividend payment, cash flows were influenced by one-time effects such as the significant capital lock-up resulted from the major Egyptian order. Accordingly, cash flows from operating activities of –€7.9m and free cash flow of –€52.3m were below the prior-year figures (€66.3m and –€19.5m respectively). The long-term credit facility syndicated by renowned banks is strengthening the group’s stability. In terms of balance sheet ratios, the Koenig & Bauer group is well-positioned with an equity ratio of 34.3%.

    Guidance für 2020

    CFO Mathias Dähn: “Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, global economic conditions were demanding. Given the daily worsening global economic situation due to the coronavirus, the impacts on our company and the achievement of our planning are currently completely open. For 2020, we are planning to achieve a largely stable group revenue compared to the previous year and the prior year's EBIT level without the around €10m in special expenses from the efficiency programme. Managing the possible consequences of the corona crisis is currently a top priority.”

    Figures at a glance

    The Annual Report can be downloaded as a PDF file from here.  

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    news-1638 Mon, 16 Mar 2020 12:54:06 +0100 Third RotaJET for decor printer http://metalprint.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/dritte-rotajet-fuer-dekordrucker/
  • Third RotaJET for Interprint
  • Web width up to 225 cm
  •  Company fully committed to digital print
  • Continuation of a successful investment strategy
  • Interprint GmbH from Arnsberg, Germany, since October 2019 a member of the Toppan Group, is continuing its successful investment strategy in digital print. The company recently ordered yet another RotaJET digital web press from Koenig & Bauer. The new press is scheduled to enter production in the first half of 2021. With the RotaJET 225, Interprint will be able to process web widths up to 225 cm.

    “We are convinced that the future belongs to digital. And with the digital printing technology offered by Koenig & Bauer, we can both accelerate product development and extend our design flexibility. For our customers, variable job volumes, longer repeat lengths and previously impossible colour combinations are becoming ever more important,” says Robert Bierfreund, managing director of Interprint GmbH.

    Barely half a year has passed since Interprint last decided to expand its digital printing capacities with the installation of a second RotaJET, and now the company is back once more with the order for its third industrial digital printing press from Koenig & Bauer.

    Koenig & Bauer executive board member Christoph Müller: “We view it as a sign of particular appreciation for our work when Koenig & Bauer is not only successful with new customers for its digital presses, but also convinces companies like Interprint, the pioneer of industrial single-pass inkjet printing in the decor industry, to return for a further RotaJET investment.”

    More than 15 industrial single-pass digital presses from Koenig & Bauer (including HP PageWide T1190 and T1100 models), with web widths up to 2.8 m and production speeds up to 305 m/min, are currently already in use or else sold and awaiting installation.  

    Example of a RotaJET for digital decor printing

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    news-1546 Wed, 11 Mar 2020 14:18:00 +0100 KBA-NotaSys becomes Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions http://metalprint.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/kba-notasys-becomes-koenig-bauer-banknote-solutions/ A new name for the world market leader in high-security printing solutions. KBA-NotaSys announces the change of its corporate name to Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been delayed to autumn 2020. The name change will harmonize brands within the Koenig & Bauer Group and has no influence on the organization and structure of KBA-NotaSys. A global overhaul of the logo, the website and related visuals will be presented during the first half of 2020.

    KBA-NotaSys was founded in 1952 as Organisation Giori, and became De La Rue Giori in 1964. Since 2001, the company is part of the German industrial group Koenig & Bauer, and initially adopted the company name KBA-GIORI. It was rebranded as KBA-NotaSys in 2011.

    Eric Boissonnas, CEO of KBA-NotaSys, explains: "The renaming of KBA-NotaSys to Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions reflects the operational and structural situation that has existed for many years, and ensures consistency across the entire group. It does not impact the current or future activities of our company. It's all about fully integrating the Koenig & Bauer brand, both in the complementarity of the technical solutions we offer and in our visual identity. In this way, we want to ensure the continuity of our brand and offer our unique know-how under a single global name."

    KBA-NotaSys is the last entity of the group to be renamed as Koenig & Bauer. The "Banknote Solutions" addition reflects the company’s core competence: providing banknote printing technology solutions.

    World leader in the field of printing for 200 years, the Koenig & Bauer Group is historically the oldest manufacturer of printing presses in the world. With nearly 5,700 employees worldwide and a turnover of EUR 1.2 billion at the end of 2018, the Group enjoys a strong reputation, and a recognized and well-established image in the printing industry.

    The Koenig & Bauer Group has four distinct and specialized product segments: Sheetfed, Digital & Webfed, Flexo and Special. KBA-NotaSys is part of the Special segment, focusing on security printing, especially banknotes. Each company in this industrial line is a leader in its field and offers highly technological solutions.

    Claus Bolza-Schünemann, CEO of Koenig & Bauer, concludes: "We are very proud that KBA-NotaSys is joining our brand. Since 2001, we offer different, but complementary technologies. The new name Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions reflects the unique competence of the company in the world. As of now, our combined know-how will become even clearer for our customers. "

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