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What is LogoTronic & Why do I need one?

LogoTronic boosts your production.

Convincingly versatile: machine presetting, tracking and reporting. The scalable production planning software fits perfectly into your production workflow and supports you in achieving your goals. It can easily grow with your businesses needs and capabilities. With LogoTronic, you can achieve your goals quickly and efficiently and boost your productivity in the long term.

LogoTronic keeps you connected, wherever you are.

Check the current production status, take a quick look at your key production figures, make informed decisions quickly, all simplified in dashboard views and reports.

LogoTronic has an eye on everything.

LogoTronic not only tracks your shop floor data. It works together with your MIS and helps you to substantially optimise your day-to-day business in administration and production. Having the ultimate view on everything provides that all important feeling of control, based on your plan.

Why choose a LogoTronic?

Top benefits of LogoTronic

  • Reduced make ready costs due to automatic print job creation and ink key presets
  • High planning quality and productivity thanks to reliable real-time data of the various machine conditions, processes and events
  • Scalable LogoTronic – Immediate upgrades of additional value-added functions for individual customisation to your needs

Are you interested in more details on LogoTronic?Key product features

Standard machine presets via CIP3 PPF

  • Automatic conversion of CIP3 PPF data from prepress allows for automatic print job creation and accurate ink key presets
  • Automatic delivery of complete job data to the console significantly reduces make ready times and waste
  • Smart teach-in function allows for automatic correction of default values for best ink key presets and sustainably reduced waste
  • Storage of job and machine setting data for repeat jobs increases efficiency, quality and process reliability in production

Advanced machine presets via CIP4 JDF

  • Standard integrated CIP4 interface or other optional interfaces maximise the automation capabilities of machine presetting  
  • Fully automatic processing of CIP4 JDF data from the MIS for advanced presetting using detailed job, substrate and planning data
  • No manual entry needed at the console
  • CIP4 JDF provides you with the full potential to automate your entire printing process with ErgoTronic AutoRun

Colour database

  • Fully automatic loading of complete and correct colour target values for CMYK and spot colours dramatically reduces make ready times
  • Using correct target values allows you to achieve the targeted colour results directly and as fast as possible, thus reducing waste and make ready time to a minimum
  • Defined target colour values according to print standards increases quality and reduces customer complaint costs
  • CxF import for easy exchange of digital colour data (Colour Exchange Format)

Colour database with advanced print and color standards

  • Creating individualised colour datasets based on paper class and print standard minimises waste sheets and maximises repeatability
  • Individualised print standards and correct colour targets for specific customers, print jobs, machines or even printing processes minimises customer complaint costs

PressWatch – Production monitoring

  • PressWatch dashboard provides an instant, up-to-date picture of the performance of all machines on the shop floor
  • PressWatch visualises current operating status of each machine in real time through simple colour codes

SpeedWatch – Production tracking

  • SpeedWatch dashboard allows you to view the performance of all machines on the shop floor by defined time periods
  • SpeedWatch helps identify untapped performance potential, assisting you in reducing non-productive times dramatically and increasing your productivity rate significantly
  • SpeedWatch can be used to analyse the gap between target and actual waste sheets to reduce paper consumption and costs

Shop floor data collection

  • 100 % automated shop floor data collection provides the basis for data-driven optimisation of production processes combined with a high level of reliability and comfort for the operator
  • JDF interface feeds back real-time status information from production via the JMF link, e.g. duration, resource and personnel data, etc., for exact production planning and precise preliminary and final costing of print jobs 
  • Automatic login/logout time tracking allows for detailed reporting on labour time


  • Unmatched tracking feature enables automatic tracking of all non-productive times and fast, accurate allocation to the standard time categories according to BVDM
  • Assigning the automatically logged time period for a user-defined event by selecting predefined standstill reasons once in a dialogue box on the console
  • EventLog can also be combined with a blocking of all subsequent activities on the machine, ensuring that occurring events must be immediately selected by the operator for transparent real-time data collection
  • EventLog forms the basis for successful lean management by capturing and accurately allocating every user-defined event

Standard reports

  • Fast and highly accurate report building using one click
  • Defined report elements can be individually combined into one report, allowing for an easy-to-read overview with a clear focus on the most important KPIs for your business
  • Detailed information for defined time periods and user-defined messages and operator comments improve the assessment of performance indicators

Enhanced reports

  • Calculated performance indicators allowing you to analyse your machine performance and monitor your own benchmarks
  • PressProductionReport provides a fast overview of all KPIs thanks to a powerful and clear visualisation of all performance indicators
  • Sorting non-productive time by priority areas allows you to better assess machine performance, identify untapped potential and provides the basis for your process optimisation

Quality reports

  • Linking of all quality measurement reports with the corresponding jobs in LogoTronic
  • Easy one-click access to quality reports allows you to quickly manage job-related quality matters
  • Excellent quality records of your print jobs help to ensure high product standards

LogoTronic Cockpit

  • LogoTronic Cockpit offers advanced analysis functions for visualising current production KPIs at a glance through live dashboards
  • Monitoring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), production times and output helps to identify improvement areas, benchmark progress and eliminate waste
  • LogoTronic Cockpit empowers and challenges your team to set and beat real-time goals, increasing productivity

What do our customers say?Testimonials

Managing Director, Druckerei Silber Druck oHGWolfgang Silber

‘More than twice as many jobs with our same team. Gigantic! Now we know: even more is possible!’

Production Manager, Druckerei Silber Druck oHG Christian Mergard

‘LogoTronic serves as the perfect link between management and the shop floor: it supplies presetting information to the presses and collects the subsequent production data continuously and in real time.’

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