Overhead concept ensures scratch-free stacking

The surface of a printed or coated metal sheet is extremely sensitive. Especially at the stacking stage, there is a significant risk of fine scratches or other surface blemishes which could impair the quality of the printed and coated sheets.
It was with this in mind that MetalPrint developed the overhead stackers of type 806. The sheets are carried over the stacker box by an overhead magnet or vacuum system and slowed to standstill at the moment of delivery. The sheets are then supported on an air cushion as they drop onto the stack. This process promises not only an evenly formed stack, but also ultimate care in sheet handling and a perfect final result.

Modular design

Stackers of type 806 can be supplied in a single- and double-box versions. The benefit of a double-box stacker lies in the possibility of non-stop stack changes. The stacker can automatically switch delivery to the other box when the desired stack height on the pallet is reached.
As an option, the double-box stacker can be configured with a third waste box to automatically collect flawed sheets or the makeready sheets run in advance of actual job production. Switching is again fully automatic and requires no specific intervention by the operator.

  • Magnetic and vacuum-based overhead stacker
  • Automatic format adjustment
  • Automatic switching of the stacker box
  • Modular design for maximum adaptability to customer needs
Technical specifications
Maximum sheet size 39.37” x 47.24”
Minimum sheet size 20.08” x 27.95”
Sheet thickness standard 0.0047” x 0.0197” (0.0039” on request)
Maximum sheet weight 2,6 kg
Maximum speed type 806 with dynamic sheet brake 7000 sheets/h
Maximum speed type 806 MagStack / VacStack 8500 sheets/h
Maximum weight of pile with pallet 3500 kg
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