3-piece decoratingMetalStar 4

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DriveTronic feeder

  • DriveTronic single drive technology for highest precision
  • 4 servo motors for all settings at the feeder
  • New features and enhancements for increased feeder stability with demanding sheet material
  • Camera monitoring at various points at the feeder and the press with visualization at the console

DriveTronic SIS (Sensoric Infeed System)

  • Patented sheet infeed system
  • Electronically controlled lateral sheet alignment
  • No mechanical alignment of the sheet on the feed table
  • Reliable and damage-free sheet handling

FAPC (Fully automatic plate change)

  • Fully automatic plate change in all printing units
  • All printing plates are changed in 2:30 minutes

DriveTronic SRW (Simultaneous Roller Washing)

  • Roller washing parallel to other makeready processes
  • Significantly reduces makeready times, especially during ink changes

Disengageable inking units

  • Individual inking units can be engaged or disengaged as required for the job in hand
  • No need to apply roller paste and no washing down to resume production

CleanTronic Synchro

  • Simultaneous washing of blanket and impression cylinder during roller washing


  • Specially coated ink ducts for rapid ink changes


  • Extremely fast colour control system reduces waste to an absolute minimum
  • Inline colour measurement of every single sheet and control of every 10th sheet for consistently high print quality
  • Various support functions for significant reduction of setup time

The new performance benchmark in metal decorating

The mission for the new MetalStar generation was simple: to develop the most efficient and sophisticated metal decorating press of all time.

The result is the new performance benchmark in metal decorating: the MetalStar 4. It fulfils the highest demands on automation and productivity.

Food, general line or closures - no matter which segment you are specialised in - the MetalStar 4 offers you significant advantages in terms of economy and efficiency, as well as innovative solutions for your very specific requirements.

The new generation of presses is pioneering the metal decorating of the future and includes features to make it:

  • Faster in production thanks to shorter makeready times
  • Reduction of waste sheet through measurement and control systems
  • Convenient operation thanks to intelligent processes
  • Longer in production thanks to lower maintenance requirements
Brochure MetalStar 4
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Benefits of the MetalStar 4

  • Excellent print quality thanks to market-leading measuring and control systems
  • Reliable production stability thanks to metal decorating specific innovations in the feeder
  • Maximum convenience thanks to latest-generation operating concept with fully intuitive user interface
  • Shortest washing times due to parallel and automated changeover processes
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of configurations and options - perfectly tailored to your requirements

Technical data

Standard Optional
Maximum sheet size 1,200 x 1,000 mm (47.24” x 39.37”) -
Minimum sheet size 710 x 510 mm (27.95” x 20.08”) -
Sheet thickness 0.12 – 0.40 mm (0.0047” – 0.0157”) 0.10 – 0.40 mm (0.0039” – 0.0157”)
Size of printing plate 1,220 x 1,095 x 0.4 mm (48.03” x 43.11” x 0.0157“) 1,220 x 1,095 x 0.3 mm (48.03” x 43.11” x 0.0118“)
Maximum printing area 1,200 x 995 mm (47.24” x 39.17”) -
Size of pre-bar blanket 1,275 x 1,220 x 1.95 mm (50.19” x 48.03” x 0.0767”) -
Gripper margin 3 mm (0.1181“) -
Print start 5 mm (0.1968“) from sheet edge -
Production speed 6.000 – 8.500 sheets/h (100 – 141 sheets/min) -
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