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Increase productivity through automation

In order to increase the productivity of a coating or printing line, it is important to use the appropriate automation solution for each process. For pallet changing, MetalPrint offers pallet changers for coating lines and printing lines.
The change is effected automatically after the last sheet has been processed. Automatic removal of the empty pallet and infeeding of the new stack reduces the changing time to 20 – 30 seconds and requires no operator intervention.

  • Automated sheet change procedure
  • Reduction of the changing time to 20-30 seconds
  • Productivity improvement

Pallet changer type 636

Pallet changer type 775

Maximum weight of pile for fork approx. 380 kg approx. 300 kg
Maximum pile height with pallet 29.53" 19.69" (28.35" with plinth mounting)
Minimum pallet skid height 2.56" 2.56"
Length without roller conveyor - 89.76"
Length including standard roller conveyor 281.69" 94.88"
Width 129.53" 85.83"
Height 86.61" 131.69"
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