DryingThermal drying ovens

Proven technology

Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint drying ovens have enjoyed a reputation as the best ovens in the world for the drying of printed and coated metal sheets for several decades. The principle has been copied on many occasions, but never equalled. Through to the present day, a temperature constancy of +/- 1.5%, the fast and gentle heating phase, and efficient cooling have remained the benchmarks for drying ovens.

Reliable and damage-free drying is guaranteed even at high speeds. Dynamic speed control ensures that sheet transport is as gentle as possible during loading and unloading of the oven. Thanks to the specially shaped air nozzles, thin sheets down to 0.100 mm can be dried without causing vibration which could otherwise damage the sheets.

Absolute efficiency in thermal drying

Energy efficiency plays an important role in the drying process. The special arrangement of the heating nozzles and optimised air circulation within the oven are decisive contributions to minimised energy consumption. Optimum regulation of the cooling zone is achieved with frequency-controlled fans and cooling governed by the outside temperature. The integrated thermal air purification system exploits the solvent-laden exhaust air to recover heat for the drying process. This efficiency can be enhanced further with an EcoTNV or HighEconTNV drying oven.

Brochure Drying Solutions
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  • Precise and constant temperature over the whole surface of the sheets
  • Damage-free sheet transport
  • Low energy consumption
  • Integrated exhaust air purification with heat recovery
  • Acquisition and recording of production times together with the corresponding job parameters
  • Automatic gas consumption monitoring
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