DryingOven for the drum industry

Drum drying ovens

MetalPrint drum dryers are available in a wide choice of versions, all specifically tailored to the needs of our customers.
All drum dryers rely on the proven drying technology which is also used in LTG thermal drying ovens. Regardless of whether an oven is needed as multiple-row, as a double tunnel or as a wicket oven, MetalPrint has the ideal solution.
The integrated EcoTNV also increases efficiency and reduces energy costs significantly.

brochure Ovens for the drum industry
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  • Drum dryers for new drums or reconditioned drums, with 1 to 4 rows or as a double tunnel
  • Thermal drying ovens for drum sheets
  • Wicket dryers for drum ends and drum lids
  • Drying ovens for drum lids and drum ends that are placed in racks
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