Measuring and control systemsMetalControl

Because quality counts

MetalControl is an inline colour measurement system. It scans each printed sheet by means of a high-resolution line scan camera and LED lighting. The ink densities in the print control strip on each printed sheet are recorded and the difference to the target density is determined. These measured values are used for fast dynamic inline control of the ink zones. The control is fully automatic and requires no operator intervention. Furthermore, the system generates measurement reports in PDF format.

  • Consistent ink densities over the entire sheet run
  • Faster achievement of target densities during makeready
  • Simple and automated setup

In addition, MetalControl has the ability to support the operator during the makeready process. MetalControl is able to reach the desired target densities fully automatically - without machine stop. Optionally, MetalControl also offers a semi-automatic process in which the target density is achieved in several steps. This can be particularly useful when no reliable target densities are available.

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