DryingCS BeltOven

Highest energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the key focus of the new development.
KBA-MetalPrint has developed a brilliant new form of exhaust air management which maintains the minimum level of air exchange to keep the oven clean and safe. By ensuring that only the required level of exhaust air is used, the system shows large energy savings when compared to conventional ovens. The optimized adjustment of the supply and return air nozzles, adapted to the requirements of the respective zone and can size, ensures uniform drying and reduces rejects.

  • Consistent curing quality at all speeds
  • Intelligent air flow management
  • Innovative symmetrical exhaust ducts
  • Ideal balance of recirculation and fresh air
  • Reduction of energy consumption due to innovative fan concept
  • Maintenance-friendly due to extensive condensation-free production
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2-piece ovens

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