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Reliable turning of the sheet stack

Our pile turners were developed specifically for use in metal decorating and coating. They handle metal sheets up to a maximum format of 1 250 x 1 000 mm and stack weights up to 3 500 kg, and are thus suitable for all typical applications in the industry. Particular importance has been attached to a robust design, so as to guarantee maximum operating reliability and absolutely damage-free turning.

Available in inline and offline versions

he customer can choose between different types of pile turner, depending on the locally implemented logistics concept. Pile turners of type 821 can be integrated directly into the decorating or coating line, where they are positioned immediately after the stacker. Offline pile turners of type 821 are able to serve up to 3 production lines.
Fast turning is the domain of pile turners of type 822. This hydraulic pile turner stands out with a turning time of just 30 seconds and can serve up to 7 production lines.

  • Ultimate operating reliability
  • Damage-free turning
  • Possibility of integration into the production line
  • Developed specifically for the use in metal decorating

Pile turner type 821

Pile turner type 822

Maximum pile weight 3 500 kg 3 500 kg
Maximum sheet size 39.37" x 47.24" 39.37" x 47.24"
Size of the support plates (L x W) 35.83" x 53.15" 29.52" x 44.09"
max. space between the support plates 31.50" 33.86"
Min. space between the support plates 11.81" 11.02"
Floor space (L x W) 53.54" x 108.27" 100.24" x 55.98"
Turning time approx. 50 s approx. 30 s
Installed electric power 6 kW 9 kW
Weight witout roller conveyor 2 150 kg 2 450 kg
Height 62.99" 49.53"
Width 110.79" 55.98"
110.24" 100.24"
Length including standard roller conveyor when being used as "inline pile turner" 104.61" -
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