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Outstanding Inline Quality Control

The inspection conveyor type 839 enables unprecedented inline quality control. By integrating suitable inspection systems, the front and rear sides of the sheets are checked by camera.
If a quality defect is detected on one or more sheets, the downstream line units can optionally react by automatically rejecting the sheet(s).

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Versatile use

The inspection conveyor can be integrated into a line in many ways. It does not matter whether it is replaced as a retrofit against an existing wide belt conveyor or delivered together with a new line.

The structure of the inspection conveyor is modular and can be adapted to individual needs with the appropriate inspection systems. Optionally, the matching inspection systems CoatStar and DecoStar from ISRA Vision are supplied directly. This enables both the print image inspection and the coating image inspection to be carried out inline. Whether the print image is on the front or back side of the sheet at the time of inspection is irrelevant. 

With the vacuum-supported overhead transport, perfect inspection is guaranteed – regardless of whether aluminium or tinplate sheets are printed or coated on the line. While the basic version is designed for use on printing and coating lines with UV-curing inks and varnishes, optional adaptations can also be made for use behind thermal ovens.

  • 100 % inline quality control of coating and print appearance
  • Camera-based inspection of front and back of sheets
  • Can be integrated in a variety of ways into a line
  • Individually adaptable due to modular design
  • Reduction of follow-up costs through transparent quality inspection
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