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Ultimate print quality meets robust press engineering

The Mailänder 280 offers you the best of both worlds! Benefit from long-proven and -appreciated Mailänder technologies, combined with the outstanding automation of high-performance MetalStar 3 printing units. Print even the most challenging sheet types and thicknesses both stably and reliably, without foregoing the print quality and automation of the MetalStar 3 technology.

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  • Robust feeder and optimised sheet transport
  • MetalStar 3 printing units for ultimate print quality and automation
  • Centralised press control via the ErgoTronic console

Robust feeder and optimised sheet transport

Perfect sheet handling is decisive for top performance. Accordingly, the new high-performance Feeder 780 was engineered specifically to complement the Mailänder 280. It stands out through its dedicated drive technology, which guarantees reliable, trouble-free sheet transport and at the same time drastically reduces maintenance requirements. The feeder possesses an automatic double-sheet ejector and handles sheets up to a thickness of 0.5 mm with ease.

The infeed of the Mailänder 280 ensures maximum register accuracy, even with extremely thick or thin sheets. Format settings are realised conveniently from the console. Special side guides provide for the reliable alignment of rectangular aluminium or scroll sheets.

Centralised press control via the ErgoTronic console

Printing presses from Koenig & Bauer are known for ultimate productivity and automation. To be able to exploit the full potential, centralised and intuitive control is essential. The new ErgoTronic console was designed specifically to meet this challenge.
The clear and tidily structured operator interface is presented on a 24" touchscreen monitor. All relevant production parameters can be accessed simply by tapping on the screen. The operator is no longer required to move between different workplaces to set or adjust different parts of the press. The ErgoTronic console facilitates convenient control from a central workplace and thus sets new standards for press operation.
The settings for new print jobs can already be defined while current production is still in progress. The operator selects the desired functions, and the Mailänder 280 then performs the necessary job changeover processes in optimised order. Through the CIPLink interface, the predefined ink profiles for each printing unit can be loaded automatically and then transferred to the corresponding inking units upon confirmation by the operator.

Maximum sheet size 1,000 x 1,200 mm (39.37" x 47.24")
Minimum sheet size 510 x 710 mm (20.08" x 27.29")
Sheet thickness 0.13 - 0.50 mm (0.0051" x 0.0197")
Size of printing plate 1,095 x 1,220 x 0.4 mm (43.11" x 48.03" x 0.0157")
Maximum printing area 995 x 1,200 mm (39.17" x 47.24")
Size of pre-bar blanket 1,220 x 1,275 mm (48.03" x 50.20")
Gripper margin 3 mm (0.118")
Print start 5 mm (0.197") from edge of sheet
Production speed 5.500 – 7.500 sheets/h (125 sheets/min)
Standard power supply 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 phase
Maximum weight of feeder pile maximal 3,500 kg
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