DryingMetalCure UV

State-of-the-art UV drying technology

The new MetalCure UV dryers are fitted with the latest reflectors, which allow optimised focusing and at the same time reduce the heat build-up on the metal sheet by reducing IR and scattered light.
Each drying module can be equipped with an integrated operating hours counter, so that even in the event of a change in position, it is always possible to ascertain how long a UV lamp has already been in use. All MetalCure UV dryers are continuously adjustable from 80 W/cm2 to 160 W/cm2 (or optionally 200 W/cm2).

Perfectly tailored for use with the MetalStar 3

The individual modules of MetalCure UV dryers can be removed and reinstalled in a few simple steps. The newly designed slide-in modules allow safe and fast changing by only one operator.
Through the integration of the MetalCure UV dryer in the ErgoTronic control console of the MetalStar 3, the operator always has all the relevant information about the UV dryers used. The reduced waiting time which is permitted by the use of CleanTronic UV and which allows the dryer to perform washing programs during the dryer's standby phase rounds off the advantages of the new UV dryer solution UV MetalCure by MetalPrint.

  • Integrated solution in the ErgoTronic control console
  • High level of efficiency through the use of state-of-the-art-reflectors
  • Plug & Play replacement
  • Integrated operating hours counter in each UV module
  • Reduced waiting time when washing thanks to CleanTronic UV
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