DryingHighEcon drying oven

Award-winning technology

The latest generation of drying ovens from MetalPrint promises even greater energy savings and efficiency, allowing for a further significant reduction in energy costs.
The new HighEcon drying oven – winner of a silver METPACK Innovation Award – is the only drying oven in the world which enables you to run sheets down to a thickness of 0.120 mm, while at the same time achieving energy savings of up to 70%.

High-tech for exhaust air purification

The HighEcon concept is based on an enlarged fresh-air heat exchanger and a main heat exchanger with maximised heat recovery coefficient. Variations in the production conditions are taken into account through automatic stepless control of the exhaust air volume.
Another key feature is the new KXB burner, which was developed in cooperation with the “Karlsruhe Institute of Technology” (KIT). The flow-optimised ANSYS FLUENT design reduces the thermal stress on the burner and extends service lifetime. Improved efficiency makes this possible by lowering combustion chamber temperatures.

Brochure Drying Solutions
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  • Gas costs reduced by up to 70%
  • Newly developed KXB burner
  • Modern design with a new exhaust cabin
  • Repeatable job programs and remote service
  • Handling of sheets down to a thickness of 0.120mm
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