Air purificationEcoTNV

Considerable savings potential

The thermal drying of metal sheets requires an enormous energy input in order to generate the necessary heat. At the same time, the process produces a large volume of solvent-laden exhaust air, which must subsequently be purified.
Drawing on decades of experience in the field of exhaust air purification, MetalPrint has successfully achieved a considerable increase in efficiency and cost-saving potential compared to traditional air purification solutions with its EcoTNV system.

Significantly reduced gas costs

EcoTNV is by far the most energy-efficient exhaust air purification variant for sheet coating lines in the metal packaging industry. It achieves significant gas cost savings compared to installations without exhaust air purification operating under normal production conditions and with typical setup times. EcoTNV thus contributes to reduced carbon emissions  – in addition to its purification of the solvent-laden exhaust air. Operating costs are also lower.

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  • Exhaust air purification system for new production lines
  • Retrofit for lines without exhaust air purification
  • Retrofit or replacement for lines currently fitted with less energy-efficient exhaust air purification systems
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