MetalCoat 483

The new star of the coating world

As the most modern coating machine on the market, the MetalCoat 483 meets the highest conceivable demands in terms of quality and productivity. With its newly developed three-roller coating application system, the MetalCoat 483 rises to every challenge. Both problematic coatings and demanding substrate qualities are handled reliably and at high speeds.

High-end – also for coating

Dedicated drives, touchpanels with memory function, laser-assisted machine make-ready: These and other cutting-edge technologies are now also available for the coating of metal sheets. The MetalCoat 483 makes no compromises when it comes to the implementation of modern technologies – it is the fastest, most modern and most productive coating machine in the world.

Innovative solutions of the MetalCoat 483:

  • VacuMatic sheet infeed for exact sheet alignment
  • Maximum coating precision thanks to dedicated drive technology
  • Laser-assisted cylinder positioning
  • Quick-change kit for fastest possible coating changes
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  • Dedicated drives for perfect coating results
  • Up to 25% faster make-ready
  • Newly developed three-roller coating application system
Product Information

Dedicated drives for perfect coating results

The use of dedicated drives in the coating unit provides for absolute precision in the coating process. The speed of the coating cylinder is calculated on the basis of the measured cylinder circumference; a pneumatic clutch is no longer necessary. Even the tiniest variations in circumference are detected and compensated.
This precision yields perfect coating results, especially for spot coating or coating on thin metal sheets down to 0.100 mm.

Maximum sheet size 39.0" x 47.0"
Minimum sheet size 20.0" x 28.0"
Thickness of sheet 0.005" - 0.020" (0.004" on request)
Cylinder diameter spot coating ∅ 12.9"
Cylinder diameter plain coating ∅ 12.8" - 13.4"
Coating speed up to 9000 sheets/h (up to 150 spm)
Weight (without feeder) 5000 kg
Connected load (depending on accessories) 20 - 30 without feeder (33 - 43 with feeder)
Compressed air, 6 bar/80 psi 4 m³/h
Height of machine 65.8"
Width of machine 118.6"
Lenght of machine 147.2"
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