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The market leader

For decades, the MetalStar series has been the benchmark for automation and production speed in metal decorating. With an output of up to 9,000 sheets per hour, the MetalStar 3 is the fastest metal decorating press on the market.
Features such as automatic plate changing, washing systems and the many other automation modules all serve one purpose: The shortest possible make-ready times and thus maximum productivity.
Place your trust in the most successful press in the field of metal decorating – the MetalStar 3.

Innovative solutions of the MetalStar 3:

  • Sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS
  • Simultaneous plate change DriveTronic SPC
  • Automated blanket changing with RBC (Rapid Blanket Change)
  • Reduced washing times with CleanTronic Synchro
  • Ultra-modern console

MetalStar 3

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  • Pioneering automation
  • Automated, simultaneous make-ready processes
  • User-oriented line configuration
  • Cutting-edge technology from feeder to stacker
Product Information

Pioneering automation

The MetalStar 3 stands out with an exceptional level of automation, and is thus ideally prepared for the modern trend of ever shorter runs. Automated parallel makeready processes enable the operator to realise the full productivity potential of the MetalStar 3. Press operation is intuitive thanks to the new operating concept implemented on the ErgoTronic console, and all relevant press parameters are never more than a glance away.
For long runs, too, the MetalStar 3 is a perfect means of production. With outputs up to 9,000 sheets per hour, it is the fastest metal decorating press in the world.

Automated, simultaneous make-ready processes

As many make-ready processes as possible are already integrated into an extensively automated job changeover process. DriveTronic SPC enables the plates to be changed parallel to blanket washing. With CleanTronic Synchro, the blanket and impression cylinder can be washed simultaneously, or else both washing beams can be used to wash the blanket. In each case, the time spent on washing processes is reduced dramatically.
The desired extent of automation is specified at the ErgoTronic console. The operator selects the make-ready processes to be performed, and the MetalStar executes the selected functions in optimised order.

Cutting edge technology from feeder to stacker

Irrespective of the substrates you print, you will be captivated by the MetalStar 3.

Gentle sheet handling at the feeder, automatic synchronisation of the complete printing line, preset capabilities – everything has been taken into account. The disengaging of unused inking units reduces roller wear, optimised processes accelerate makeready, and the ErgoTronic console with wallscreen leaves no wish unanswered for the operator.

Parallel blanket and roller washing with the multi-function CleanTronic washing systems, together with the fastest plate changing systems in the world, guarantees the shortest possible makeready times and thus maximum productivity.

With LogoTronic Professional, the enhanced performance can be made visible with a click of the mouse – through the automatic acquisition of all key performance indicators (KPI)

Maximum sheet size 39.37" x 47.24"
Minimum sheet size 20.08" x 27.29"
Sheet thickness 0.0047" x 0.0157"
Size of printing plate 43.11" x 48.03" x 0.0157"
Maximum printing area 39.17" x 47.24"
Plate thickness 0.0118" - 0.0158"
Size of pre-bar blanket 48.03" x 50.20"
Gripper margin 0.118"
Print start 0.197" from edge of sheet
Maximum mechanical speed 167 spm
Standard power supply 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 phase
Maximum weight of feeder pile maximal 3500 kg
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