24. Mar - 26. Mar 2021



Opened exclusively to security printers, suppliers to security printers, central banks, government authorities, law enforcement, and industry-specific…

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15. Apr - 16. Apr 2021

Technologies & Trust: Security and Identification


An international conference bringing together over 300 participants from 25 countries providing implementation services for product security,…

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18. Apr - 22. Apr 2021

International Banknote Designers Association Conference (IBDC)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A dedicated forum for all actors involved in design and design decision-making to learn, exchange knowledge and develop new perspectives. This is…

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19. Apr - 30. Apr 2021

Banknote Horizons

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions, Lausanne, Switzerland

New dates for Banknote Horizons: 19 to 30 April 2021

20. Apr - 23. Apr 2021



31. May - 02. Jun 2021


Tallinn, Estonia

High Security Printing™(HSP) EMEA The latest technologies and techniques in the production and issue of banknotes, ePassports, ID cards, visas and…

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12. Jul - 15. Jul 2021

Banknote Conference

Washington DC, USA

A bi-annual forum for emerging trends and leading technologies for the banknote industry.

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30. Aug - 01. Sep 2021


Mexico City, Mexico

The latest technologies and techniques in the production and issue of banknotes, e-passports, ID cards, visas and other documents in LATAM.

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11. Oct - 13. Oct 2021

Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum


This forum focuses on innovation and emerging technologies on new technologies with the potential to enhance the production and protection of tax…

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31. Oct - 03. Nov 2021

Mint Directors Conference

Cape Town, South Africa

The MDC (Mint Directors Conference), is where mint directors, suppliers, retailers and other stakeholders, come together to exchange information and…

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06. Dec - 08. Dec 2021

HSP Asia

Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Regional Forum for Secure Document Technologies

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