Opening Up Individual Opportunities for Metal DecoratingKoenig & Bauer At METPACK 2023

  • Show premiere of the MetalStar 4 – the new benchmark in metal decorating
  • Presentation of the new Venturi sheet guiding system: Precise and gentle air-cushioned sheet transport 
  • Exceeding Print: Modularity, digitalisation and sustainability at Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint

MetalStar 4: the new benchmark in metal decorating

Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint is presenting tailor-made and future-oriented solutions at METPACK 2023 in Essen – the “global meeting place for the international metal packaging industry”. As a system supplier for complete decorating systems, the company is glad to be back after a six-year break and looks forward to welcoming interested visitors and customers on stand B39 in hall 3.

In addition to the spotlighted exhibits – a MetalStar 4 press and the Venturi sheet guiding system – the company strategy Exceeding Print is an important focus on the stand. This strategy summarises Koenig & Bauer’s corporate goals: digitalisation, modularity and sustainability. At METPACK, visitors can obtain information on how this strategy can optimise their production process.


The MetalStar 4 press with two printing towers and MetalControl colour measurement is the showpiece on the stand. Flying sheets: the new Venturi sheet guiding system for coating lines transports the metal sheets precisely and gently on an air cushion.

Exceeding Print – Digitalisation

Networking machines, capturing and analysing data, and controlling processes efficiently: There are many aspects to digital transformation in the metal decorating industry. From digitalisation solutions within the individual printing and coating machines, to the digital integration of all components along a complete line or transformation of the metal decorating process. Transparent, data-driven processes are the starting point for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A high level of automation minimises risks and facilitates customisation – for a future-proof production process.

In the case of the new MetalStar 4, Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint has incorporated numerous digital solutions that support metal decorating production. The MetalControl closed-loop colour control system measures the colour density on every single sheet and then adjusts the inking units accordingly to achieve the desired colour result – fully automatically and perfectly tailored to metal decorating. The ErgoTronic control console exchanges all relevant production parameters with the MetalStar 4 and also shares this information with a customer management system, while LogoTronic provides for the convenient and automatic visualisation of KPIs, trends and historical production data.

In addition, the coating process is now also more digitalised than ever before. The heart of the new MetalCoat 471 is a brand new software platform enabling use of the latest technology – TIA Portal from Siemens. The robust mechanical design of the MetalCoat 471 combines perfectly with cutting-edge software and electronics. Detailed status messages from individual sensors, graphical menu guidance and wear indicators are just a few of the details that will transform work on the line.

Exceeding Print – Sustainability

Sustainability is without doubt one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in modern times. Koenig & Bauer offers a wide range of solutions and support to enable customers to be as efficient as possible.

The EcoTNV and HighEcon air purification systems remain the benchmark for the energy-efficient thermal drying of metal sheets. Gas savings of up to 70% are possible with the HighEcon technology. Whether you use natural gas, LPG or LNG, and even if you are contemplating the switch to hydrogen, all options remain open with Koenig & Bauer drying ovens. Applying extensive expertise and with process simulations, Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint can help customers to determine the potential energy savings and the solution that is most efficient for their individual application.

UV dryers are another energy-saving option. The MetalCure UV dryers, which were introduced in 2015, uses traditional UV curing technology and have been installed on over 50 metal decorating presses all over the world. New in 2023 is MetalCure LED. The MetalCure LED dryers are based on UV-LED technology. This technology can reduce power consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional UV curing. UV-LED inks and coatings are available for a wide range of applications. Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint can advise all interested METPACK visitors on how they, too, could benefit from the new possibilities.

The energy management system VisuEnergy X follows the simple principle of “measure – visualise – realise” to display energy consumption as transparently as possible. It records and presents the energy consumption of individual consumers – even beyond the pressroom – and is thus the ideal tool to identify power-hungry equipment and avoidable energy waste.

Exceeding Print – Modularity

Every product is unique and requires an individually designed production process. That's why every customer needs tailored solutions. Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint’s modular product portfolio can be matched precisely to customer demands – number of printing units, integration of a coating machine, type of drying oven, etc. This makes every line a customised, best-in-class solution and not just another mass-produced, off-the-shelf product.

One of the best examples for the modularity of products from Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint is the new inspection conveyor with 2-sided inline quality control. This inspection conveyor is prepared for the mounting of print inspection and coating inspection cameras. To be able to inspect both sides, the sheet is transported partly via a magnetic and vacuum-based overhead transport system. It can be integrated into printing or coating lines at whichever position is needed. 100% inspection of the front and back before stacking is no longer a problem.

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