Used machines

G 100Second hand LTG-Mailänder coating line

Make:            LTG Mailänder
Type:             LTG drying oven with Mailänder coater            
Year of built:  1972
Status:           in Produktion

This line was manufactured in 1972 and extended in 1993 with an air purification system. The line consists of:

  •       Feeder type 760
  •      Coater type Mailänder 466 for spot coating
  •      LTG drying oven with 30 Meter tunnel and 3 heating zones
  •      Integrated air purification system type TNV 12.000 nm³/h
  •      Stacker

The air purification system has been designed for a maximum of 100 kg of solvents per hour. Also the exhaust air from the neighbouring line is being processed. The partition is: maximum 60 kg/h of solvents from this coating line and maximum 40 kg/h from the neighbouring 2 colour printing and coating line (see G99).

In 2011 the oven entrance was upgraded with a dynamic sheet brake system.

Status:    The line is in production

The line is being sold via a second hand machine dealer. The contact data will be supplied on request.

G 96Second hand 2-colour Mailänder 122A UV printing line

Make:             LTG Mailänder
Type:              Mailänder 122A                 
Year of built:   1999
Status:            in produktion

This two colour UV printing line consists of:

  • Mailänder 770 feeder
  • Mailänder 122A withtwo printing units
  • UV drying system
  • Sheet inspection unit
  • Double stacker  

Extra equipment:

  • Printing plate adjustig system
  • TGC remote control inking system
  • TGC alcohol dampening system (retrofitted)
  • LTG/Adnos UV interdeck, 2 lamps
  • LTG/Adnos UV end curing system, 3 lamps
  • LTG nonstop stacking unit (double box)
  • Linie works with Siemens S7 PLC (retrofit)  


  • max. sheet size: 1.145 x 965 mm
  • max. speed:        5.500/6.000 sheets/hour  

The line is still running and will be available from October 2021


  • 2019 Retrofit of sheet size adjustment from automatic to manual system
  • 2019 Overhaul of infeed table pushers and chains

The line is sold via a second hand machine dealer. The contact data will be supplied on request.

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