Service Contracts

Service Contracts

Availability of your equipment and minimizing unplanned downtime is paramount for every operation in order to stay ahead in a more and more competitive environment.

Customized to the needs of our industry we have developed performance packages that match the complete service requirements of your printing and coating lines.

Our SELECT – packages include the following options:

Select Maintain

  • Regular preventive maintenance according tot he manufacturer’s checklist
  • Annual safety checks for drying ovens
  • Travel cost
  • Selected maintenance parts

 Select Remote

  • 24/7 remote service covered by an attractive flat rate
  • Direct communication with an expert from Koenig & Bauer
  • Interactive live-video support directly on your mobile device with Visual Customer Support

Select Smart Works

  • Customized volume of labour hours in accordance to the individual demand


Flyer Select Remote service package
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